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our mission

Deliver basic goods and services to individuals, veterans,families, and groups in under served/under resourced communities. 

who we are

Sleeves4Needs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to serve people who do not have access to basic goods and services by traditional means.

our vision

FREE products, programs, and services provide to marginalize communities to promote self empowerment.

by the numbers
2018-2024 Clients (63,777)

Women 64%

LGBT 21%

Men 36%

Black 58%

White 32%

Latino/Hispanic 10%

Single 55%

Elderly 35%

Married 10%

Disabled 54%

Vets 46%

Homeless 57%

Lower Income 98%

98% of our clients live in lower income/impoverished communities 

100% of our resources go to our clients in need

Constance Every


Lakewsha Wallace


Ronald Anderson


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